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Quotes i am a regular customer of christal clear waters and over the last 6 months have successfully set up a nanomarine and more recently a malawi tank. expert advice,excellent quality livestock,and a fraction of the cost of other retailers.there is always something new to tempt me with be it latest technology or interesting and hard to come by imports of livestock. before chris set up cristal clear waters i used to do my weekly rounds of all the local fish stores trying to get a bargain or two and seeing what stock there is available to purchase. now i only shop at chris's shop as everything is sold at afraction of the r.r.p and if something i require is not in stock chris can get hold of it. there is genuinely something for everyone to suit all tastes and budgets. whenever i have a question regarding my reef tank and its livestock it is always answered and advice given even out of normal trading hours via internet. overall i could not imagine what i would do without christal clear waters. Quotes
kevin dodson

Quotes Great selection of fish and corals in very clean and well-kept tanks. Very helpful and full of good advise. Quotes
Si Timo

Quotes Service, quality of stock and advice on offer is second to none. Proud to have this shop as my LFS. Keep up the good work Chris!.. Quotes